Artem Leonov "ORIONS" - first modular EP out now

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New musical project. First modular EP.
Recorded in VCV Rack.
Each track is made from only one instance of a sine oscillator [SquinkyLabs VCO1] (except for the first track - a noise source [SquinkyLabs Colors] was used to create a hat).
Also, only one instance of each module is used in each patch.

Mastered by Artem Leonov.

Artwork by Ludmila Samofalova -


Awesome sounds Artem! This is amazing even without knowing you used so few oscillators :wink:


thanks Marc! it just was a challenge to make more creative sounds with limitation of the one sound source)

Just stumbled over this, great work!

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Woah Artem, why haven’t I checked this out earlier - this is very impressive!

…one caveat though: a bit much reverb in some spots (;