Are you having crashes or unexplained behavior under Windows beginning the week of 4/10/22

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If you are having Rack crashes or inexplicable behavior this week, please post your symptoms here.

On Monday I had massive crashes and corruption that required deletion of the autosave folder to get going again. In addition, I have had many Rack crashes that tend to happen after I run some patches for 30 minutes or so. Typically the crash will occur upon exit or when restarting Rack and getting the crash message.

In such a crash, no Module is implicated in the log and in most cases there is no fatal error message or stack trace. The log just ends.

I am running Rack 2.1.0 standalone under Windows 11.

Yes. There was definitely something going on with Windows. Extremely high CPU usage probably from an update affecting Rack. It was the first time Rack crashed on me. It’s fixed now though.

This could or could not be related.

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Yesterday I was getting periods of max fan roar on my gaming tower but could not tell for sure what was going on, even in Task Manager. It appeared it was most likely the GPU and being driven by Firefox.

I applied the newest Windows update today. I’ll see if I get any fans roaring today.

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For the time being, I have not experimented crash on my laptop (Windows 10, Intel Core i5).

Personally my suspicion is somewhat geared towards recent Windows updates…

My laptop is still running Windows 10. It has been preparing for Windows 11 recently. It has been downloading and/or installing (and then running) some updates that were apparently a prerequisite for the transition towards Window 11. And this did sometimes lead to performance/stability/fan/heat issues.

I generally let experience prevail over hope. So I’m generally not an early adaptor.

I will wait and see how Windows 11 will affect others and will probably not transition before I have to…or only as soon as I am pretty sure that actually relevant benefits outweigh (potential) negative effects.

Often, major software/middleware/OS updates in complex and highly variable and interdependent environments (like Windows computers) will cause all sorts of collateral / undesired effects.


Generally: Look before you leap. And if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it…

If I understood the Win11 updates from today, it appears that MS is rolling Win10 support into Win11, probably because so many have refused to move to Win11.

I refuse to skip security updates for any program, but I sometimes pay a price. I also refuse to turn off anti-malware services for any program. But, that is just me and a result of my systems engineering and IT professional days.

Haha…yeah, I’m still living those days, mostly working on complex systems in complex chains/networks. Many of these environments take CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) pretty seriously.

Preferably no unnecessary risk taking. Because unintended consequences tend to be…well…pretty costly in many ways.

For anyone interested, MS says that the “mandatory patch” that they deployed on Monday and re-patched today was an emergency day-zero plug of 119 vulnerabilities that were already being exploited. So, you may have gotten the update whether you wanted it or not. I suppose that is why MS woke my sleeping computer up during the night, applied updates and then shut down the computer to force an attended reboot. I can see all of this in the Windows event logs but did not understand what I was seeing until I read the MS update change notice today.

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