Are these possible with VCV Rack? [SOLVED]

I’m new to the whole VCV Rack and modular synths world, so bear with me, even though I’m experienced when it comes to synths in general. I tried finding the answers to these questions, but can’t seem to find them…

If I purchase the PRO version: 1 - Will I be able to use it as a MIDIFX unit to send notes and CC out to other plugins in the chain? 2 - Can I use it as an FX unit (insert slot) for stuff like reverbs, delays, etc? 3 - Is it possible to use automation to control different modules’ parameters?

Note: I use Logic Pro X

Thank you

Welcome! Yes, you can definitely use it as an insert FX. You can also automate stuff by sending MIDI to the Pro VST and using the MIDI-CV module to convert this into CV. Not exactly what you mean by MIDI FX, but you can send MIDI from sequencers etc by converting the other way with the CV-MIDI module.

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You can route midi output from Rack into Live channel inputs.

Omri Cohen has a video of using VCV Rack as a plugin, if you want to see how easy/difficult it is. At 13:55 there’s a section on automation:

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Thank you. So basically it’s like a normal synth, but in this case, since the connections are not created by default, I would need to use 2 modules: one to convert the MIDI to CV and then one at the end to convert CV to MIDI, right? Then in Logic when I open the automation lane, I would see the parameters I can automate, right?

Sorry, I forgot to mention I use Logic Pro X, so a MIDIFX is a plugin that we can add before the instrument that sends MIDI to the instrument, for example an arpeggiator, sequencer, even CC messages. In this case, VCV Rack would need its own MIDIFX version, because it will not act like an instrument. With DAWs like Ableton Live is a pretty straight forward thing, but in Logic is a bit more complex because of the way AU version doesn’t work the same as VST…

Sorry, I forgot to mention I use Logic Pro X (updated by post with that information)

Ah, I’ve never used Logic, but just realised what MIDIFX means after reading this post:

This may be helpful to you? I can only test in Reaper, but this looks like the way to run it with Logic.

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Thank you so much for the video. I’ve been watching a lot of his videos. They are awesome! So basically the automation is pretty straight forward, like any other synth. I thought it would be a bit more complex, since there are no connections by default and I wasn’t sure how the DAW would know what to automate, but I guess each module is already prepared to communicate with a DAW and let it know what parameters can be automated. That’s great!

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Oh that’s great! I can see on one of the pictures that VCV Rack comes with the MIDIFX version indeed (it’s that green slot above Surge). This is really awesome, because with VCV Rack I can then replace a lot of my current plugins and create even better/more complex things that those plugins can’t do. Really appreciate your time and help! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! I have Pro too, but still use standalone mode a lot. I tend to use VCV for processing audio more than sequencing, although I’ll probably make some glitchy techno again soon. There are almost infinite workflows now!

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Yeah, I’m loving this new approach, because I love learning new things. And all the possibilities with modular, it’s incredible! If hardware was already limitless, being able to now save patches, use it as an FX unit, sending MIDI out to other synths inside a DAW, etc… just wow!

I did a small overview video for Logic Pro X using all three of your scenarios.

VCV Rack 2.2 working as AU in Logic Pro X (All 3 plugin types on one channel) - YouTube

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Thanks for sharing! Yeah it’s awesome that there are so many possibilities with just a single plugin. Can’t wait to get the Pro version and start using it more and more.

Also, the stuff you created for the video, sounds great! If you haven’t yet, you should release it officially

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