Are these all Hora plugins?

I was wary about installing all the updates available after everyone said Hora plugs were crashing the browser.

But that’s something they can fix pretty quickly. And I don’t understand how it got jpast their QA because just running rack and trying to use a few of their plugins would have crashed Rack.

But that’s not what I came to whine about. I think most of these things are Hora plugins, but they really f*cked up their plugin tags, because they all have such generic names, you can’t tell WHAT they are. I can’t even find them on the library site?

The one time I did it I didn’t notice:

  1. write the plugin, test the crap out of it.
  2. make a small, terrible change at the very end.
  3. never open the browser on the modified plugin, because it’s already in my test patch.

Not smart, but easy to do. Unless you are imagining that any of us have a “release qualification team” to run a release candidate through a battery of tests. But I’m pretty sure you don’t think that.

Hi Ken, could we re-word the title and contents of this thread to be more constructive please?

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Full disclosure, I have helped Raphael test them, but I’m testing on Mac not Windows. Raph’s case is made more complicated by there being both Free and Paid versions so the Free ones can tend to be overlooked - it’s sometimes easy to get confused if you’re looking for the modules that exist in both collections so I have found myself often focusing on the modules exclusive to the paid collection. As to names, I think it goes back to the old adage “Naming things is hard.” - some try to be creative and lose people that are trying to find the “VCO” from developer “XYZ”. Some try to be straightforward and descriptive and then lose people who go - really do I need another ADSR or how do I find one module named “ADSR” amongst the 35 others do plus all the ones tagged ADSR. I’m sure Raph would be open to at least considering a name change but I don’t think it’s worth piling on a particular developer for this. Hope that’s clear.


I’m sorry for going off. The problem is that there’s NO indication of who made the plugins. There’s just “Mixers” “Processors” etc.

That means that you can’t tell what you’re getting when you update them. I changed the title of my original post.

I also notice just now that the free plugins have been updated. And I can bring up the module browser with no crash.

I still think that naming a plugin something generic can lead to confusion.

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And I’ve paid for some Hora Products, so I’m a supporter.

Cool Ken; I assumed good faith, thanks for adjusting them!

Oh and to answer the title question: no they aren’t all Hora. Stellare Modular posted all three of their plugins this morning too - Turing Machine, Link and Creative Suite are all theirs.


The rest are Hora.

Just adding ‘Hora’ to the start of each plugin name would certainly help