Apparent discrepancy between code repository and Library

(most likely there are no discrepancies here…I’m not a developer myself and I’m probably making some basic mistakes. Thanks in advance for being understanding)

TL;DR: how do I check which exact code version is actually available via the Library?

Recently I’ve been trying to help you dear plugin developers by sending a few pull requests, with small edits to plugin.json to add per-module manual URLs where needed. So today I was checking the “SD” module by Grande currently available in VCV Rack (v.1.1.0), I noticed that the module manual URL was pointing to the generic link while a per-module URL was available, and I thought I could help with this.

So I checked - but there, “ManualURL” points instead to (commit f28619…).

I thought that this Grande update was too recent and had not yet been made available via the Library, so I looked for a confirmation and I found which -as far as I understand marks again the Grande issue as “Up-to-date” and that I interpret as “Grande plugin is currently available in the Library at version 1.1.0, commit f28619…” - is this correct?

I found this card too: which also marks Grande as “Up-to-date” but references instead an older commit, and the previous version 1.0.0.

What I’m missing please?

well, some people probably do better than others… I don’t keep very good track of that. But for me you can figure it out from the git issue here:

Every time I ask for a new build I put the git sha and the version number in that issue.

I’m sure there’s a better way to figure out out…

The /repos folder in the library repo contains submodules of all open-source plugins on the VCV Library. Submodules point to specific commits of other repos. Builds of those repos are made once every day or so.

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