Apogee Jam+

Hi, has anyone managed to get an Apogee Jam+ working with the rack. I can see it and select it as an audio device 1in and 2outs, but nothing seems to go in or come out. All correctly set up in system prefs. Thanks in advance jp

Mac OS 10.14.6 VCV v1.0

After further checks output works but no input. Works fine withDAWs jp

and further testing, works fine on a late model Mac Mini but not a MacBook Pro, both running Mojave. anyone with any ideas?

it shows up as expected under Audio MIDI Setup > Audio Devices?

Thanks for your reply.Yes it shows up everywhere inc audio 8 in the rack. The outputs work but not the input. However weird thing is Jam + works perfectly with vcvrack on a Mac mini but not a Macbook pro, both recent models and all the same settings and OS. jp

Hurrah! Fixed in v1.1.6!

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