Anyone with insight into Patch Storage image upload problem?

In the past I’ve had no problem uploading my patches to Patch Storage. But within the past few weeks performance seems to have taken a hit, and my image uploads typically fail (timeout?) The irritating thing is you cannot upload a patch without an image. Once the image load fails, the image load section is dead - I have to refresh the entire page to reenable the option to upload an image, and I lose anything I may have already typed.

For my most recent Benjolin patch I had a 1.6 MB image file, and it failed probably 20 times before I finally reduced the image size to ~1 MB (and now can’t read some of the text). The smaller file uploaded after a couple tries. The site states it supports up to 2 MB.

I tried posting a question on the Discourse site, but the support thread seemed pretty much dead, at least from the standpoint of the actual Patch Storage caretakers.

Does anyone know what is going on there? I like the concept of Patch Storage, but I am on the verge of abandoning the site and simply uploading my patches directly to the VCV forum.

I haven’t uploaded anything to Patch Storage in the last couple of months, but I have noticed the site seems to have forgotten my preference to not receive email notifications. What you said, combined with this unrelated behavior change, seem to indicate something has gone awry with management of the site.

As far as I recall from earlier, images had to be under 1MB in size, so I’ve always just stuck to that.