Anyone interested in porting the old Hammondeggs plugin?

there are multiple requests on github for this plugin to be ported to the current version of Rack. the dev had previously said he was planning on it but then went silent on subsequent requests and seems to be more into developing alt firmware for the Korg Minilogue.

anyone interested in taking a shot at these? i never got a chance to use them but they look pretty interesting.

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There’s no source code in the repo, only the svg files.

i hadnt noticed. maybe a request can be made for the dev to release the source code.

I did so …


That is a strange thread. Don’t understand why people a) write free closed source modules in the first place, and b) abandon them.

yea, and on nov.20 '19 he posted that he had finished porting the BBD and Phase 3 modules but never released them. i asked him about porting his Chip2.0 firmware for the Minilogue over and he said it was a good candidate and would have some free time soon but as i mentioned before he went silent but is still currently actively developing for the Korg Minilogue and is active on github.