Anyone ever see channels get stuck on Squinky Labs CompII?

I really must have done something terrible. The second channel in this patch is just … stuck? with the threshold all the way as low as it can go. Re-initializing it doesn’t fix it.

It may be an interaction with something that blew up in the delay now connected with channel 3 @Squinky.Labs ? 2022-01-12.vcv (22.5 KB)

I think it looks similar for me too although I’m not getting anything coming out of the master and I can’t figure out why (I don’t have the rackwindows plugin installed so maybe that’s it?).

Yes, there’s a bunch of unreleased stuff including RackWindows - which compiles fine if you update the json.

I’m not maintaining thos modules any longer. @robert.kock is.

I’m sure that’s true but your name is on the tin :grin:

True that.