Anybody else getting tons of crashes in Ableton?

it’s rock solid here, so must be something on your machine causing said instability. How about: uninstall everything Rack2. Delete your plugins from v2 user Rack folder, all of them. Reinstall Rack2 2.0.1 (current latest). Then launch, log into Rack account and download the plugins you want as you are still subscribed. Then you have a decent starting point for investigation.

In case of issue, post full log.txt file along with image of patch at the very least.

This was my patch I was trying to load.

New user so I cant seem to post Log.

Its odd. Coz VCV2 wouldn’t load any of my previously working patches then crashed Abelton. I restarted and BAM, patches and VCV2 works again… Odd.

Nothing jumps out. So not sure what to suggest, but given that reboot got things going again, maybe the OS wasn’t all happy anymore causing said instability? Some ASIO4all in there that might be cauing iffies?

Well its got me stumped. When I first installed rack 2 I had heaps of problems, midi working then just stopping for no reason. Freezing and crashing. I almost gave up. I rebuilt V1 patches fresh in V2 and still had same issues. Then it just started working great for a bit… I was happy. Installed Rack2 2.0.1 and it errors and crashes again. Now its working fine…So far I would have to say my experience has been buggy.

If 2.0.1 found any remnants of previous 2 whatever (if for example you updated) then issues are expected. Make sure you follow instructions and UNINSTALL everything v2 first before installing the launch release version (Free or Pro). Did you in fact do that? So you had a clean slate?

Ahh, okay. I was not aware of that. I opened rack 2, it notified me of an update and I installed it. I did not realise I would need to perform house cleaning to keep things stable. Did I miss that info on installing Rack2 2.0.1? I might need to pay more attention I guess.

Updating should work to update from 2.0.1 upwards. However any possible beta stuff might still have tripped you up, so beware and always start with fresh slate, makes for much easier debugging if needed and likely much smoother sailing

Yeah, good point. I think I will do that from now on. I guess I was just not expecting these issues from a paid product.

From Andrew in the Development section of this site (I thought that also made it into the Readme shipping with the installer but I deleted that one already as it’s running fine here):

What it’s really important to remember with VCV is that you are not dealing with a single developer. You are dealing with over 200 totally separate developers.

A single bad line of code in a single module in a single plugin can potentially cause a crash in the VCV VST that will take the DAW with it (another good reason to use Bitwig which has plugin sandboxing).

These crashes were/are almost certainly down to 3rd party plug-ins rather than VCV itself. There’s no way a one man developer of free plug-ins has the resources or time to test their plug-ins in all DAWs and on all platforms. Therefore a certain amount of trial by fire is to be expected…

There was certainly an issue with font loading that was common to a few different plug-ins that caused crashes - hopefully all fixed now. I’m not 100% sure but IIRC there was an issue with Bogaudio. Always make sure you are updating plug-ins as soon as they become available because most updates you see are bug fixes.

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The paid product cannot protect you from your own habits :wink:

Seriously, This has been out just over a week, so things are still changing, fixes, reworks etc, based on feedback so far. Will all work itself out in due time…


ah yes, the other point my sunday morning brain hasn’t yet hitched onto :wink:

Totally agree and understand. I just jumped in here to let the OP know that they are not the only one having Ableton issues. I have full faith that this is teething issues and will be ironed out.

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indeed it will, And I don’t get along with Ableton either so I feel with Rack :wink: oy, bad jokes aside, yes, all will be fine in the end (that is the mantra I try to live by)

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I have a clean install of rack and everything is updated. I only use audible instruments modules as that’s what I have in real life. None of the patches have been complicated and it seems to be something different everytime. I wasn’t aware of the log so I’ll track that down, thanks.

I do have a Motu M4 which had issues in the beta with Rack2, which is why I never tried it. My machine is pretty new too, basically a fresh install of everything. Haven’t really had any issues with anything else/am overly confident PC user etc etc :innocent:

Just to confirm you did delete the entire user folder at Documents/Rack2 when you updated to the release version yes? That step is really important - just reinstalling the app is not enough.

When you say you are only using Audible Instruments - does that mean you only have Audible and Fundamental in your plugins folder? If not, try moving all plugins to a “plugins-disabled” folder other than Fundamental and Audible and see if that helps.

If still having issues after that, probably best to email contact support at

I never updated in the first place :relaxed: It’s a fresh machine. It crashes regardless of what plugins I use. I’m sure it has to do with the MOTU. I’ll wait for an update.

If you delete documents/rack wont you nuke your v1?

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Oops yes - I meant Documents/Rack2

just tested vcv VST in ableton → don’t know why, but with latest ableton live 11.1 beta , lots of crashes disappeared , versus ableton stable 11.0.12 version

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