Any oscillators/LFOs with phase?

(MaZe6k) #1

As far as I know there are no oscillators or LFOs with a phase setting. If there is one please let me know.

Why is that so? Maybe this is hard to achieve in a physical modular synth, or it’s hard to code… but I think the resettable oscillators should have a phase adjustment knob, especially the LFOs.
I would like to be able to create repeatable rhythms with LFOs and sometimes repeatable synth hits with adjustable phases.

(MaZe6k) #2

Is just realised tidal modulator 2 can adjust the phase… thread solved! :slight_smile:
in the phase mode it can shift phases on the 4 outputs… on the 3rd output it’s 180° in either direction and on the 4th a bit more… so this is my favourite LFO now :slight_smile:

(MaZe6k) #3

I overlooked the ones with multiple phased outputs… bogaudio is another one… so… this thread can be deleted… everything fine with the oscillators :slight_smile:


There’s no point in deleting this thread, someone else might have the same question.
I don’t know if it’s what you need but Nysthi Phasor lets you set the “phase” of each harmonic.

(MaZe6k) #5

Right now I’m just in a phase where I want to face phased LFOs to phrase a phrase…

(Antonio Tuzzi) #6

nysthi::lfomultiphase has 8 fixed phases out + one that is FREE phase and modulable with its VCA an its IN CV
(you can modulate shapes and PWM too. you can clock it, you can retrig it
you can write you preferred BPM (120 bpm?) or you preferred sisxteenth per minute 256spm
o just set th Hz 100.0037 Hz… )

(MaZe6k) #7

very nice! thanks!
on the pulsewave the different outputs have different pulsewidths, the pulsewidth changes with the phase, is that intentional?


Sorry, I misread the original post and missed the bit about LFOs, otherwise I would’ve immediately mentioned LFOmultiphase. I use it a lot for creating harmonic tremeloe.

(Antonio Tuzzi) #9

no, the PW is guaranteed correct only at 0 deg
the other PW are a by-product: they exists but are not mathematically correct

(Dale Emery) #10

Xycloid (DHE-Modules) has a phase knob that affects one of its two sine waves. But it’s a damned peculiar LFO.

(Joopvanderlinden) #11

And there’s Bogaudio 8FO

(Norbert Denninger) #12

and Submarine’s PO-102 :wink: