Any interest for a multi-out gate output randomizer?

Just a little thing I started working on today. It’s like a Bernouilli gate but with more outputs, each with its own probability weight. This probably already exists as a module done by someone else, but it’s difficult to know because there are so many modules around…


nysthi::bivio is a multple multiroute probability gate

nysthi::bridge it’s a pure probability gate (multiple)

nysthi::elsker is a multiple clockable dealyable GATE

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That’s brilliant! What it needs though is a second input per channel, that modulates the probability!

Yeah. I know…It’s lame if there is no voltage control over parameters… :confused: Maybe I’ll add those, but should I also add attenuverters for those too? :thinking:

I think you need to decide what you want to do and do it. If there’s a voltage control for probability I can add a VCV 8Vert in front of it.

And Stoermelder mappers can modulate the attenuator knobs too.

I can’t actually figure out how all those modules work. Bridges LOOKs like it might kind of be like a Bernoulli gate but I can’t seem to figure out what I have to hook up to get it to act like that.

BIVIO is also ¯_(ツ)_/¯ to me.

I get what ELSKER does but it doesn’t do the randomizing part of things, but there’s no dimension on the duration and delay parameters, so I’m not sure what I’m setting when I change values.

OK, I added the parameter control voltages. Certainly useful and fun to have those.

Noobhour’s Baseliner does something similar, as well:

the BIVIO is very similar to the Bernoulli gate, with many more options

has 2 modes (via context menu: switching and routing) in switching:

  • the input is switched from A to B and from B to A outputs
  • the switch is attemped if a TRIG (pulse) or TAP come in
  • if the the probability is at MAX (knob) means 100% will switch
  • if the probability is at 0% will never switch
  • probabiltiy at 10%, for example, will switch only 1 out 10 attempts
  • everything can be done in ONE SHOT mode too (to be ARMED and RESET)
  • in ONE SHOT mode, a trig arrives and decision is taken and the BIVIO becomes latched

in routing mode:

  • the probability is the probability to send to A or to B
  • the starting position is not important
  • example if the probability is at 5%, 19 times out of 20 will switch to A,
  • a probs at 50% means there is the 50% to have the port A or B selected

BRIDGE is just a bivio that has one route and can be closed or not

ELSKER correct is no random but as it can be triggered ad libitum can be associate to any bivio / bridge to generate random GATEs

  • generally is in absolute time, but can be clocked
  • when clocked the number represents FRACTION of the clock PERIOD for example you input a clock with a period of 100 msecs and set the delay of first GATE to 0.500 and the length to 2.000 means when a trig comes in a GATE will be triggered after 50 mses and will be UP for 200 msecs
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there’s a manual for Bridges, I can send it to you

Oh I see Antonio already beat me to that.

I think I will continue development on my plugin. Maybe it will be interesting for someone, maybe not. :slight_smile: (But I will also add more random and statistics related things into it before releasing a beta or something.)


If this would be somewhat like a multi-output Bivio or Bridges (which I helped Antonio develop), I’d be happy to help in the thinking process.

Latest version with the probability weight CV inputs, separate output for the discrete random generator and a separate signal histogram module. (No sound, video is mostly for showing the histogram.)