Any best practice patches for Bidoo BanCau?

I think I underutilize Bidoo BanCau (BanCoú?). How do you use it?

I don’t use it (I know but wait), but it looks like a stylized Befaco Rampage, and this one I use.

As a 2x slew, I use it after a sample&hold to glide between parameters and make it feel more natural. I often use a slew before a lfo triggered by gate to add a sort of tremolo to the pitch, like a finger and a guitar string.

The End Of Cycle output is what I love about Rampage : once it has achieved its purpose, it can communicate with anything to say that it spat its word. So I use it very often to trigger a response elsewhere in the rack. If the Rampage is used before a quantizer or an arpeggiator, I can use the eoc output to trigger another arpeggiator somewhere and make musical calls and response.

These modules have endless possibilities !

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Did someone say Arpeggiator? I’ve got a new one out to test that is treaty cool imao. You can find a thread about it on this forum if you would like to try it (squinktronix arpeggiator).

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This an unofficial port of the Random source DUSG by Serge

it is both super mysterious and super documented in the Serge world there is a guide here:

You can also do the whole MATH user manual, there is a lot of tricks


I think this Serge manual is the one I needed! Thanks @pyer !