(answered) Do library thumbnails update?

(questions been answered. if anyone else has this “issue” it is just your browser playing up)

Hiya, fairly new user here.
I was wondering if the library updates its thumbnails, or how often it does so? I’d like to make some major visual changes to my modules in the near-future, but I’m afraid the changes might not appear on the main page and give the wrong first-impression. Apologies for being so vain! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
For a specific example, here is the url used for the library thumbnail: “https://library.vcvrack.com/screenshots/Extratone/Opabinia.m.png
And here is the contrasting up-to-date version shown when viewing the module directly: “https://library.vcvrack.com/screenshots/Extratone/Opabinia.png
I assume there’s just some step I’m missing as I’ve never noticed this difference browsing the library before?

Both images show the same, only the resolution differs. :thinking:

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I’ve cleared my browser’s cached images and now they match for me too, I’m really surprised that affected anything as I checked on phone too. >_< Thank you, and sorry for the stupid question!

no such thing! Or, if there is, this certainly isn’t it :slight_smile:

Surprised it required a manual refresh–that might have been a transient client or server issue.