Announcing [return of] a compressor module from Squinky Labs

There is a new Squinky Labs module in the Library: Comp. It’s a very nice compressor, with most of the features you would expect in a studio compressor. It’s also very light on the CPU, even when it’s processing 32 channels of audio through its two polyphonic channel.

Instruction manual is here:


I don’t know if this is at fault but the latest update crashes Windows. How can I roll back?

This problem is being addressed here:

Major Proper. I LUV me so compressors.

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I think if you delete the SquinkyLabs folder you will stop crashing. At least that’s a theory. what operating system do you use?

I am having the same problem. I have deleted it like 4 times and it still crashes. My latest patch was using a Squinky module too.

Everytime I right click in the rack, it crashes.

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Yes, there is something wrong with the build. This thread here has info. Basically delete my folder and you will be ok for now. Option to download my own windows build [for the dedicated]

All is proper now. Major thanks.

Did you delete the folder or download the “special” build?


Squinky Labs is now back in the plugin library at version 1.0.15. Sorry for the technical glitches releasing this.



Thanks for your help!

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Cool Breeze

Looks lovely! Have you thought about adding a sidechain input to this thing? In the VCV environment it could be used so much more creatively than just pumping to the kick edm stuff.

In modular, using side chain doesn’t require a compressor like you would traditionaly do with your Daw :slight_smile: you could do it with reverse enveloppes and VCAs . It’s actually much easier than in a Daw !

Depends on your DAW though, doesn’t it? In Bitwig it’s much easier to route anything than Rack.

anda perfecto en linux

also how is the workflow with it, the threshold is in voltages, how i could compress when it is over -6db or -3d and so on?