Announcing MFX for VCV


Id like to announce the availability of our new VCV port of our eurorack multi effects processor, the MFX. It offers 16 different full featured effects programs including various delay, reverb, distortion and dynamics programs plus a number of metering utilities.

The VCV port shares the exact same dsp and user interface code as the physical Eurorack module (firmware v104) with some VCV specific user interface additions and also includes the AXON-1 CV expander module.

For more info on the MFX please visit and see the user manual with VCV specific appendix.

The VCV plugin is available for purchase via

Omri did a great overview/demo of the VCV MFX here;


Great to have ALM in VCV Rack! I hope this is just the beginning and there will be more modules from ALM in the future;)


God, ALM modules in VCV would be incredible. I love Mutable stuff, but good god does it get tiring to use as the only “modern” set of modules for 5 years.


Hi @busycircuits, and welcome to the Library and the forum! Fantastic news! Incredibly exciting to see this available here, and I hope it’s the first of many more. Congratulations on the release!

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I bought it, but for some reason it will only let me use one MFX unit in a patch. As soon as I add a second module it says "TOO MANY INSTANCES FOR THIS NUMBER OF THREADS’.

Even if I max out my threads it won’t allow a second one to work. First time I’ve ever seen that in vcv rack. A bit frustrating, I guess I’m just used to exploring a module on VCV rack by using it in multiple locations for different purposes. I’m curious if that was a choice to make it more hardware like, or some issue with porting the code?

But, I’m excited to get to know the module better. Thanks for porting it to VCV!

EDIT: Oh, well, now I’m looking above and seeing Omri’s video where there are multiple units going in a single patch. I’ll try rebooting and see if that will fix it. I’m running this on a 2020 Intel iMac.

Still doing it. I’ll have to watch Omri’s video tomorrow to see if he discusses how to avoid this, but just in case anybody else knows, let me know.

Had some fun with the multi phaser setting tonight though!

Screenshot of the error message attached.

Awesome seeing you enter the world of VCV - I have used the module a bunch already and I could see myself wanting to buy a whole bunch of the physical modules if I had a Euroack setup.

It appears you are limited to a single thread if you want to use multiple instances of the module. Omri mentions it and it’s in the manual.


Exactly my words :slight_smile: But I think it would be good to mention it somewhere else too, as I think it is a bit of a limitation that I am not aware of with any of the other modules around (definitely not paid ones).

But I might be wrong.


From the last paragraph of the manual:

Multi-Threading Limitations: Multiple instances of the MFX may be used as long as VCV is not making use of multi-threading. Due to the MFX architecture, a thread setting greater than 1 only allows for a single instance to run. Additional instances will not function and only display a startup screen.

@busycircuits : I think you should definately mention this in your announcement here at the top, otherwise you’re going to get a lot of unnecessary support tickets :slight_smile: Maybe ask Andrew to mention it as well in his Facebook announcement. You can’t count on people reading the manual or watching Omri’s video in full for that info. Apart from that: Great to see ALM in VCV Rack, I wonder what’s next…

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Cant wait to try this!! I wish there was a way to demo the module though.:thinking:

I did check out some demonstration videos and it sounds pretty dope!

Super cool to play with this in VCV, always been curious about MFX! While browsing the factory presets, I decided I might as well save them out as VCV module presets for ease of access (and later a little random selection via Stoermelder). Here they are for you all to peruse as well.


Ohhh dang! It seems this means you cannot use this inside multiple instances of the VCV plugin, either.

Or… use it like a powerful “regular” multieffect inside your DAW within VCV FX? Wah… Didn’t quite expect this, but ultimately it’s sort of my fault for insta-purchasing this straight away when it appeared in the library - before this announcement, and before the info on multi-threading was added into the manual.

I actually have a copy of the manual that I downloaded from the module’s manual link when purchasing, and it doesn’t have this limitation mentioned yet :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, a great module. It would be super cool if it could be made to function in a normal manner in the plugin version of VCV.

They should just update the thread warning to be clearer. Something like “Set Threads to 1 to support mulitiple modules”


And “doesn’t function simultaneously inside multiple instances of VCV”

Thanks, I totally missed that!

I literally got it within hours of release, that’s how excited I am about all this.

Bravo !! esp. on the 2051 BIT CORRUPTER algorithm !

Hope my purchase counts as support for whatever comes in the future. I got some preferences on which one I would want next to be ported (cough tyso daiko cough) but, honestly, anything’s gonna return a resounding “yes” out of me.

Welcome, and thank you for porting this (and any future modules) to VCV Rack.

so are there plans to try to fix it so multiple instances can be run with multithreading or is that definitely not gonna happen? just bought it, regardless, and I too hope there are more to come.

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Great to see ALM appear in VCV Rack and MFX looks like a very interesting module.

The only thing that is putting me off buying it right now is the thread issue, which prevents use of multiple instances when more than one thread is being used - particularly with regards to using it in the VST. I hope a solution can be found to this problem.


Thanks all for the feedback.

Im pleased to announce an updated version of VCV MFX available in the VCV library which should now fix the multi threading limitation.

Also now available are initial VCV versions of ALM002 ‘Beast’s chalkboard’ - An dual octave switcher and mult, ALM009 ‘Tangle Quartet’ - our quad VCA and ALM010 ‘O/A/x2’ - a dual offset and attenuverter. These are all freely available.

Grab Here