Announcing Gradients

Hi VCV Users,

I’m happy to announce Gradients – a midi sequencer aimed at composing with timbre.

Gradients aims to help musicians compose with continuous parameter changes with the same degree of comfort that traditional DAWs focus on composing with notes or audio clips.

It’s a standalone program that can be used with whatever sound-generating program you like.

The basic workflow is as follows:

  • midi map knobs within Gradients to parameters within your audio-generating program
  • save combinations of knob values in frames
  • sequence the frames (changes between frames can be discrete or interpolated)

The program also includes an option to send midi notes at the start of a sequencer segment (intended to trigger clip launchers or similar).

Here it is being used with VCV Rack:

If you’re interested in using Gradients or have any questions, please let me know below. I’m planning on making it generally available for a reasonable price.




This sounds very interesting, I surely would like to try it. will you sell it or will it be free?

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Thanks for your interest! I’m going to be selling it, but the price will be very reasonable.

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if you still need someone for beta testing, you can contact me. I’ve done lot’s a betatesting in the last 20 years :wink:


Done a fair bit of beta testing too so if you need that - on Mac here, I believe rsmus7 is on Windows.

Love the idea of composing timbre.

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Amazing, yes, I’ll be in touch at some point. Thanks!

Does it run on linux?

Yep, planning on doing a Linux version if there’s enough interest in it…


Woah… that’s a great demo!

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nice, any plan to port as vcv module? I think is great , but running outside the rack it don’t give to me any reason to make me change my actual workflow ( renoise as external sequencer)

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Sorry, no plans for a VCV Module at the moment. I’m not familiar with Renoise, but based on some quick research I’m not sure it provides the same degree of support for working with snapshots? At any rate, there will be a demo version of Gradients where you can evaluate it =)

Very interesting! It reminds me a bit of Seq24 and Giada, dunno why, maybe it’s the concept. Will it be possible to chain the frames? In your video it looks like you trigger them with a mouse, at least i can’t see a timeline or something.

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Hi! Yes, the middle section is a sequencer, which acts as a timeline. Each sequencer segment can be assigned a start and end frame, and you can edit the length of each segment. If the start and end frames of the segment are different, Gradients fades between their param values over the course of the segment.

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Cool, thank you for the explanation.

Edit: Now i see (after watching the video a second time). :blush:

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yes, I’m on Win10

renoise is a tracker, I m not know what snapshot is , but if you release a linux version you should considerate is huge difference in the workflow between the renoise (or whatever DAW) and vcv rack in linux compared to windows, is very modular and seamless.

however could be very nice have a try to know how gradients work

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This looks great. Should make getting sequence ideas down super easy. Hit me up for beta testing, too!

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The beta for Gradients has begun! If you would like to test on MacOS or Windows, please fill out the following form: