Announcing Atelier plugin

I’ve been using this on Linux over the last week and haven’t noticed any bugs. A fantastic and beautiful module!

i’ve been somewhat reluctantly using the polyplaits seeing the conversations around that one in the past… this module is such an elegant step forward, i’m sure its going to be part of my default soundpalette. …and yes i had to make that pun before anyone else:) thanks for this module and congrats, cant wait to see what will be new in the future

Amazing one! A build of the version with the edited panel had never left my rack since I got a chance to try it out.

To me, the real value of that Macro Polyoscillator 2 wasn’t even the polyphony, but the LPG to Timbre/Morph knobs. And that of Palette will definitely be that I won’t ever have to leave the Rack and yet again load up the manual to remember what the knobs do.

So many fantastic additions, and I only played with it for a few minutes. The ability to have multiple detuned voices from monophonic input is turning it into an even bigger monosynth beast :smiley:


This is simply awesome. Having all the features of each different oscillator ‘exposed’ is priceless alone. Add in the polyphony, detune, visual modulation indicator, LPG control…truly the mother of all oscillators. Beautiful interface as well. Thank you so much for this.

Perfect in every way! 11 out of 10!

I’ve just started poking at it but I can say it works on Catalina if you tell Gatekeeper it’s OK by either of the methods in this thread.

I work with it since I could compile it and I must say, what you and Pyer did with this module is amazing. It is so much more than Plaits and the gui sets a new standard for the handling of complex modules.

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Oh no, I forgot to mention Omri Cohen did some important pre-beta testing and suggestions! :astonished: Lots of thanks to Omri, too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you all for the positive feedback! :grin:

Still, if someone finds some problem, please do report it, before we try to get the plugin accepted into the VCV Library.

beauty of a design.

Thank you guys and gals for your positive comments, This one was a long run! Great pleasure to work with you @Xenakios, such a gifted developer you are! I hope we can do more ATELIER modules :slight_smile:


The Atelier plugin is now in the VCV Library!


My favorite new feature might be the LPG and CV modulation on the Mix output’s knob. I’m finding some nice and interesting percussive sounds that way. :grinning:

Thanks Pyer and Xenakios - this beast is beautiful and inspiring!


this thing is so awesome!

I can easily imagine this to be my most used VCO / drum voice from now on. Layered a snare sound with a 909 sample yesterday for some serious punch!

Hi! I was playing with vcv but got stucked on a patch that the Atelier reached 26% of processing consumption. (Im using 88khz) Is it normal?

High CPU use is quite expected when polyphony is used. No special optimizations were done for the polyphony. (Doing such optimizations wasn’t really feasible, because of the large number of synthesis engines. Basically everything would need to be rewritten with SIMD optimizations…)

However, if you are getting 25% CPU use for a single voice from the module, that doesn’t necessarily sound normal. Which synthesis engine are you using? (Classic waves, FM, wavetable…?)

Higher sample rates will of course use proportionately more CPU also.

I dont know why it is outputing poly signals btw

Looks like you are using 8 voices (in unison?). Upper left encoder.

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solved! haha thanks a lot :slight_smile: I wasnt familiar with all the encoders, now it is running at 3%.


Still my cpu wont let me progress well on this patch