Animated Circuits Preview: Can I install with 1.1.3?

I started with 1.0 so I’ve only downloaded 1.0 compatible plug-ins from the library. Some of the patches I’d like to check out use some plug-ins from the Animated Circuits Preview, which was pre-1.0. I’ve found where to download it but am unsure how to get it into my library, or if that is even possible with my setup.

itCz, CzRider, and Cozmic work just fine in 1.1.3

drop the zip in your plugins-v1 folder

Not working for me. I added another plug-in from the library, let the library update and restarted. The update unzipped the folder but the plug-ins don’t show in my library. Patches from other folks can’t find those plug-ins in my library.

Ah… so your question was : “Where can I download Animated Circuits Preview ?”
Answer : see PaulPiko’s post.

The current preview beta for Rack 1 is here



Doesn’t seem to be working with 1.1.5…

here it’s working fine on Win10 with rack 1.1.5

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