Ambiguity in V2 migration docs.

The new layer draw() override glowing thing looks good, but the code “…” does not indicate if draw() without layer is still needed, and if it is safe to just call draw without layer, and yes this likely will draw it a number of times?

I mean it does work, but what is most efficient?

see this post drawLayer() - has anyone figured out all the possible layers? - #2 by Vortico

It was more that I call the old draw for layer 1 and so likely it draws it twice. Or maybe 3 times depending on if draw without layer is called by the engine. So ideally to only call it once it would be layer 1, and hope that’s all that’s needed for the foreground and black background of the custom control.

Yes you are probably drawing everything twice.

both methods are called by the engine.

You should probably separate out your background and illuminated foreground. Draw the background in draw, and draw the foreground in drawLayer for layer 1