Amalgamated Harmonics

Changelog for v1.0.2

  • Added a variety of colour schemes to PolyScope, including loading a user defined scheme. Find an example colour map file here:
  • Default colour scheme in PolyScope is brighter
  • PolyScope only plots voltages up to the number of channels present on the cable
  • Expand PolyProbe; Input channels are now A and B, and there are a small number of operations selectable through the context menu that can be performed on the voltages on these channels: A+B, A-B, Determine Note (A+B) including cent distance from pitch. The result of the operation is output on the Out channel. Some tricks: Using A-B and input only on B inverts B.
  • Resurrect original Scale Quantizer

Thanks very much for adding this. It’s one thing I really wanted in that module. :smiley:

Changelog for v1.0.3

  • Add shift control to PolyScope to move traces vertically for better visibility
  • Fix bugged range check in Bombe causing a segfault
  • Fix bug in PolyProbe where output would only be produced when module drawn
  • Fix quantisation bug in PolyProbe