Am I Crazy or Just a Noob??

Firstly I am a noob an all. To the world of flashing lights, and I was hoping you could help me automate a knob. “Help a noob with his knob” was quickly reconsidered as the title of this post. Anyways, I want a filter (say) to start at a specific setting, rather than zero, go full on in a pre determined time (like you could do with flying faders, but to a fader an all). and with all manner of lfos and cvs and attenuators at my disposal, I’m too much of a jubby noob to suss it out.

And I am also crazy, but are there grayface panels and kits that aesthetically reproduce vcv kit?

Cheers! Chech


Without getting into the many ways you could do this, the simplest way for you to accomplish this might be to use Stoermelders ReMOVE module. It will allow you to manually program the automation.

Stoermelder’s Remove indeed seems like a nice solution for your problem :slight_smile:

As for Grayscale, they do both stuff in VCV (grayscale plugin, and also some design for VCV ones iirc) and also harware stuff. That’s why it might look similar :wink:


I’m too much of a jubby noob to suss it out.

A Gloucestershire man I presume? Also, I would be keen to hear all these “many ways” one could do this, according to @agentf64 (not being cheeky, just welcoming the info from a vet, always appreciated)

You could use a clock driven trigger sequencer into (a) a slew limiter to create a time based linear ramp or (b) an lfo reset to create a time based curved ramp depending on selected wave shape. Such a ramp could be used to modulate your filter starting from your “specific setting” upwards to your “full on”. Or actually anywhere you like really.

You could use Zazel, a module designed to vary a cv between two levels, with a selection of slope shapes, using it in one shot mode sending a trigger will cause its output to travel between the selected end and start points

A quick demo by Omri

The library VCV Library - Studio Six Plus One Zazel

Zazel - That’s just what I needed a few days ago when I was looking for a ramp generator. If only the word “ramp” was used in the description, name, or tags, I would’ve found it.

I ended up using a slew limiter and Bogaudio’s Offset (& Scale) module. Miniramp + Offset probably would’ve worked too, but both require doing arithmetic.