alzuwaga Music Thread

It seems that I must create a thread to share music in this space. If I understood correctly, in the next answer I start with my first music published here :love_you_gesture:t4:

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Hey! I leave you a video to listen to the 12 bar blues jam session that I just recorded. Your comments and criticisms will help me improve my skills. Some glitches occurred during recording, I think I reached the limit of my computer :hear_no_evil:


Really cool piece!

You should be able to embed your video by pasting in a plain YouTube link on its own line, surrounded by blank lines above and below.

If you record using the “VCV Recorder” module, your recordings will be glitch-free.


It’s a really nice patch, though there is a Hi-Hat that plays on the second beat of the bar sometimes that is a little harsh. The organ sounds are very nice!


Hi Diego. It’s a cool tune, sounds like an actual blues band, well done. Monster bass. You’re forgetting to watch your master volume though, it’s clipping on a regular basis.

“” links don’t work for embedding, it has to be “” links.


I use “” links. They work for me.


They turn into embedded Youtube videos?

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I think there just needs to be the ‘‘watch?’’ Thing in the link

Thanks! I will try vcv recorder