Alikins - v0.6.6 New modules

New version (0.6.6) of ‘Alikins’ modules is available in the plugin manager now.

Changes (including 0.6.5 and 0.6.6):


  • ‘Hovered Value’: Display and output the value of the widget or port that your cursor is hovered over. (0.6.6 update adds a tooltip with the value)

  • ‘Inject Value’: Control the hovered widget with CV. ‘Inject Value’ is the writeable counterpart to ‘Hovered Value’ reading.

  • ‘Value Saver’: Saves the last input value and sends it to the output. It will also remember the last value from before a patch is save and start outputting it when patch is loaded.

  • ‘Shift Pedal’: Use the ‘Shift’, ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt/Option’, or ‘Super/Windows/Command’ keys to generate gates.

Hovered Value

  • Shows a tooltip with the value of the hovered widget.

  • New ‘Scaled Output’ provides an output that is scaled to some common voltage ranges (-5/+5, 0/+10, -10/+10)

Inject Value

  • Control the currently hovered widget with CV. Where ‘Hovered Value’ can read a param value, ‘Inject Value’ can write/change it.

  • The ‘IN’ port accepts a CV input and that value is sent to the currently hovered widget. This allows CV control of param widgets, even if the hovered module doesn’t provide a CV input.

Shift Pedal

  • Allows the ‘Shift’, ‘Ctrl’, ‘Alt/Option’, or ‘Super/Windows/Command’ keys to be used to generate gates.

  • For example, using the ‘Shift’ key to send a gate to control the sustain pedal param of a VST in Host.

Value Saver

  • The last know value of a signal sent through ‘Value Saver’ will be remembered.

  • Intended to help with cases like a Midi-1 CV output after module load but before anything is sent.

  • A label field is provided for each input for labeling what those inputs are used for.

Source release at


Astounding work!

Fantastic Adrian, thanks! These modules look really useful. I haven’t used them yet, but I think I will now. Too many modules and too little time, ach…

Absolutely true! … but i would also add, too few (or short) module manuals for beginners :star_struck:
Thanks God there are all those VCV Rack Gurus in YouTube + plenty of patches to dissect in Patch Storage :blush:

On early days, the Big Mute Button was present in literally every patch I’ve made in a certain period of time. Now that I use the NYSTHI mixers I don’t use it as much, but it’s the best example of the “No distractions and other what’cha’ma’callits. It is what it is.” design philosophy, and I love that specific module for that.