alefnull's music & patches

i don’t know if or how often i’ll actually post here, but i’ve seen others do it, so i figured why not.

i just uploaded my first video to youtube in years, and it’s just a simple 10 minute ambient drone i threw together recently after starting to play with VCV.


I have spent the day catching up some ambient albums from this year so this fit the mood perfectly. Very nice.

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thank you! i’m glad people are liking it so far :smiley: it means a lot and makes me excited to keep learning, experimenting, and sharing.


haven’t added any of my patches here in a long time, but i just uploaded a new 30 minute generative ambient piece to youtube, so i thought i’d come bump this thread and share it. while you’re there, consider checking out the other videos i have neglected to share here.

fractured neutrons - 30 minute generative ambient - VCV Rack