alanholding's VCV stuff

OK. Here goes.

This one is called Journey. Enjoy.

Edit: Whoops. Deleted the YouTube video by mistake. Will upload again in a bit.

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I was experimenting with using the Befaco Slew Limiter to affect the waveform of a triangle oscillator and ended up with a nice monophonic drony patch which you can play foggy tunes with.

Patch is at

A preview is at…


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Been a while since I posted something. No video, sorry, but here you go.

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Move over Adam Ant, make way for Hamster music!!!

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It’s HAMSTER Time ! (You can’t touch this )

New effect patch on ye olde Patchstorage. No audio preview so DIY, as Mr Gabriel would say.

Load a sample into Complex Simpler and enjoy the sound of an unreliable old FM radio recorded on an old cassette player.

Sort of.

Adjust Caudal and 8Vert to taste.

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Sounds very nice and natural ! Just like if someone was improvising :slight_smile:

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New patch added to Patchstorage. I was reading an old Roland System 100m manual about making a string ensemble and came up with a patch that sounds like old Solina / Jarresque strings. There’s a link to a SoundCloud preview on the patch page. Enjoy!

New patch added to Patchstorage. A sort of clarinety, saxophoney, bassoney thing.

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Another patch added to Patchstorage. A synced synth. Fun if you want to go all keytar. SoundCloud preview on the patch page. Enjoy.

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Just a sound effects patch…

A little jam…