Advice on iCloud Caching & VCV

Hello Community!

I’m wondering if anyone has encountered issues with iCloud Drives (MacOS) and VCVRack?

I’m running an older MacBook Air (early 2014) with limited disk space and finding that sometimes my saved patches don’t load. The title bar of the window reflects the name of the patch I was attempting to load, but the patch itself is still the default at the time I opened VCV. No errors or warnings are given but the patch never actually loads in.

My thought is perhaps Apple’s “optimize storage” option for iCloud Drives is a bit to aggressive in finding free space on my laptop and caching off parts of VCV that are needed to faithfully load the patch.

Interested in thoughts, advice, or similar experiences.

All the Best,


unfortunately, vcv has chosen to use Documents on the Mac to store non-documents (like plugins) instead of the standard Library. this means that if you have iCloud turned on, those get cached up in the cloud. usually you can just buy a larger storage plan from apple and it’s not a big deal, but your problem is different.

you have optimize storage turned on, which, as you noticed, moves those (usually small) documents to the cloud until you need to use them (you know, since you normally store documents in Documents, not compiled code). there are a couple of ways around the problem:

  • turn off optimize storage - this may have a net negative affect on you, since you noted that you’re running low on space
  • move Documents/Rack into a non-managed directory, and start rack manually with the directory specified: /Applications/ -d yourdirectory