Advice for microtonal quantization and sequencing?

Hello, I’m trying to experiment with microtonality in VCV and have been using NYSTHI’s Poly Scale and Equal Division quantizers, however I find it difficult to find a precise tone that sounds pleasing while inputting notes into a sequencer such as VCV’s Seq-3. Is there a module that will basically convert the voltage coming out of the quantizer into what would be the equivalent of notes on a keyboard before going into the sequencer? I am still trying to have everything quantized to the NYSTHI modules (19 EDO, etc), but am trying to have the sequencer play as if they were being played to a piano tuned to that, not just extremely precise decimal pointed-notes as you would get from clicking and turning the knobs on the sequencer. I feel like I have seen something like this in a tutorial video before but am blanking on what module that would be. Any help would be much appreciated!

Have you tried any of the Impromptu Modular Phrase Sequencers?

So just run it through a regular quantizer and then the microtonal one. Right? :slight_smile:

Midi from keyboard > note in, note out > v/oct


For microtonal quantization is well suited VCV Scalar. You can use up to 24 notes per octave with tuning of each note and many other cool features.


second that, vcv scalar is very extensive with great functionalities :+1:t4:

Oh yeah! My favorite section is the parameters of humanization. Very helpful for enliven the composition and to give naturalness to the sound.


capitalist xD is there more freeware options? oh,got it

My module is not a quantizer, it is an attenuverter. If you play on a MIDI keyboard or use a sequencer that lets you set pitches in 12edo, you can never ever quantize to e.g. 31edo without loosing the richness of the 31edo tuning. But if you use an attenuverter to convert 12edo to 31edo, 1 Volts will be shrinked down to 0.375 Volts, and you can for example in your sequencer code a neutral third (that lies between an major third and a minor third).

If you need a listening example, please let me know and I will make a short video about the difference between a quantizer and an attenuverter.


I think you are asking for a keyboard mapper not a quantizer. That is if you play c5 (note 72; voct=1) in ed2 19 mapped to a standard keyboard it plays the same note you would get if you played a c which is sharp of the fifth or 757 cents right?

I don’t know a module that does that (but it would be pretty trivial to write a mapper as opposed to a quantizer using the surge tuning code I guess and maybe some of them do). So basicalky quantize voct to 12tet turn that into a midi key (*12+60) run that into an scl kbm lookup, find the pitch, convert that back to voct.

Or did I mis understand.

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No, I’m not asking for a keyboard mapper because my module ‘Equal Division’ does this job very well for nearly all kinds of equal divided tunings.

I only wanted to point out that my module is not a quantizer. It simply applies a multiplication on the incoming CV signal, and therefore I call it an attenuverter.

Sorry I meant my question to the original poster

Compressing the v/Oct by 12/19 is indeed the same as remapping the c60 / 261 centered keyboard to ed219 though yes. For very specific tunings and mappings attenuation is retuning! Neat!

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Yes, this is the way I do it on analog gear.

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