adsynthVCValpha - looking for testers/feedback

Hi all,

not sure if its the right place for such requests, feel free to delete if so

this project started as a quck excercise in cpp programming but gotten out of hand real quick, now we’re here…

it’s mostly bundle of slim utilities, nothing too fancy.

looking for someone who could test these modules and leave some feedback, regarding performance, code, and general user experience.

here’s the link to github

i’d also be very grateful if someone could try and make OS/Linux build

hope you’ll have fun, cheers!


Beautiful design. Some things I’ve noticed off the bat, some minor tweaking.

The coloured stroke on the knobs is a tad too large for my taste, the smaller outline on the Env module would be a perfect size. The 2 screws close together are a little cluttered looking. The white circle also I noticed around ports I’m unsure of, but they make sense with the coloured circles around other ports, but I’d perhaps smake the circles smaller as they escape the grey outline on some of the panels.

Will build later!

linux build fails: image

Oops, hit wrong reply button.

how embarrasing of me, leaving fixed path in makefile… getting onto it, thanks alot!


Easily done :slight_smile:

They look cute ! i like the designs :slight_smile:

makefile fix pushed to branch master, left rack dir as default (empty/two dir above)

sorry for that :pleading_face:

can you provide a compiled windows build? I’m ready to test it, but I can’t compile here myself.

Still fails on linux, needs RACK_DIR ?= ../..

there is a windows build inside dist directory, build Win10 x64

here’s the link

as far as I know you should compile it while the cloned repository is inside yours /plugins directory, maybe thats the issue

if that is not the case, could you please try to edit your local makefile (the one cloned from my repo) and provide fixed path to your rack directory? like for example:

RACK_DIR ?= C:/path/to/VCVrack

Sorry, should’ve been more explicit, builds fine now & loads up in VCV no problem. Will give the modules some exercise tomorrow.

# If RACK_DIR is not defined when calling the Makefile, default to two directories above
RACK_DIR ?= ../..

# FLAGS will be passed to both the C and C++ compiler

# Careful about linking to shared libraries, since you can't assume much about the user's environment and library search path.
# Static libraries are fine, but they should be added to this plugin's build system.

# Add .cpp files to the build
SOURCES += $(wildcard src/*.cpp)

# Add files to the ZIP package when running `make dist`
# The compiled plugin and "plugin.json" are automatically added.

# Include the Rack plugin Makefile framework
include $(RACK_DIR)/
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thx, I will test it asap.

btw. imho it would be better to use he “releases” tab for the builds.

you’re right, thanks alot for the tip! proper pre-release for windows on github added.

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Design-wise: logotype and module name are switched top/bottom on ‘5xVCA’