Adding sequencers with feedback

In my never-ending quest to figure out how to generate musically useful sequences out of limited initial sources, here I add up various sources of pitch voltage: Two five step sequencers, and 2 taps off a shift register.

So each note value is the sum of the two sequencers and that sum, delayed in a shift register.

Those 4 values are attenuated with a VCV 8Vert, because adding multiple positive values in the range 0…10V will go out of bounds fairly quickly. Negative scaling of one or more of the values keeps the resulting pitch to zoom off into dog whistle territory.

The way the sequence seems to self-mutate/self-mutilate is fascinating. It’s deterministic, so it will repeat, but it’s hard for me to even imagine how that all works.

In other words the pitch value feeds back through a shift register to get re-added.

5stepWFeedback.vcv (61.7 KB)


Really cool idea. Staring at the pic, and really curious, what are the s&h’s are for?

what are the s&h’s are for?

I had to check on it, but the reason is that the @synthi Dual Five Steps sends pitch CV continuously, and I wanted to sample it when the sequencer sends a gate out.

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