Adding Components (Newb Question)

Hi all,

Having my first go at importing my panel into VCV. I have the SVG file ready, but when I try to add components while building the modules I keep getting the message that it “Found 0 params, 0 inputs, 0 outputs, 0 lights, and 0 custom widgets.”

I’m not sure what’s going on. I copied over the colors from the tutorial.

One thing I noticed is that, when setting the color in Inkscape, there is additional information for an object’s color, so that #ff0000 becomes #ff0000ff or #ff000000 etcetera, which is just the alpha information.

Anyway, I’m a bit confused why my components are not being detected. Does anyone know of any reason why it shouldn’t be working?

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You are correct that the colour info for the last digits are alpha. They’re hexadecimal numbers for the 256 values of #RedGreenBlueAlpha : #xxxxxxFF (FF==255)

Without seeing the code it is very hard to tell what is wrong it might help to isolate the problem.

Hello Phil,

Thank you for responding. I am just following the panel tutorial and using the code provided in the Rack SDK, more specifically, and not any of my own code. I’m trying to import my component information from my .svg file. I figure this should be a generic issue, since I am just following instructions and using the example code. Let me walk you through what I did, and perhaps it will be more clear where I went wrong:

I created two layers in Inkscape; one for the panel and one for the components. I created a test parameter component by using the circle object, changing its color to #ff0000 and making sure it is in the “components” layer. I then run the python script:

/ createmodule res/.svg src/.cpp

But modified to address the files I am working with. When I try this, I get the result:

Module MyModule already exists in plugin.json. Edit this file to modify the module manifest.

Panel found at /Users/ryanpage/Downloads/Rack-SDK/MyPlugin/res/MyModule.svg. Generating source file.

/Users/ryanpage/Downloads/Rack-SDK/MyPlugin/src/plugin.cpp already exists. Overwrite? [n]: y

Found 0 params, 0 inputs, 0 outputs, 0 lights, and 0 custom widgets.

Components extracted from /Users/ryanpage/Downloads/Rack-SDK/MyPlugin/res/MyModule.svg

Source file generated at /Users/ryanpage/Downloads/Rack-SDK/MyPlugin/src/plugin.cpp

To enable the module, add

*extern Model modelMyModule;

to plugin.hpp, and add


to the init() function in plugin.cpp.

I hope this clarifies things a bit.

Please supply a SVG file. It’s pretty hard to help this way without knowing the source file.

Without seeing the source code nobody can know what it says. I have never used the script to generate myself I do it manually, seeing the source would be able to see what the issue is.

Post the SVG and I’ll debug the script.

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Sorry, didn’t realize by code you meant the SVG file and not the code in the SDK. Thank you all so much for the quick replies. Posting a dropbox link, because the board does not allow for uploading SVG Files:

I’m sure it’s user error on my part, but it seems like the instructions are fairly simple and I followed them directly (as far as I can tell).

Figured it out. The “circles” I was drawing were actually as ellipses. I figured it was something silly like that.


Hi everyone, I add the exact same issue, but I figured out, that i add contour in my circles, Remove all the odd parameters in your component’s sheet

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After three years I have more or less the same error, perhaps in my case it is the previous step. <Could not find layer “components” in panel> I’m sure I didn’t get the wrong color or shape because I copied and pasted the circles from a Fundamental layer. I created the “components” layer, transferred the objects to the layer and hidden the layer, all as written in the tutorial. What can I have forgotten? Maybe the mistake was copying the circles?