Adding alpha plugin to Module Browser

I have an unpublished plugin with some basic modules but I can’t see them in the VCV Rack v2 Module Browser after make install.

I’m bored changing the whitelist record of setting.json manually. I also find reloading a selection .VCVS with all the modules kind of irritating.

Is there a workaround? How to force the Module Browser to include my modules?

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You shouldn’t need to edit the settings.json file. I have an unpublished plugin that I’m working on. It just shows up for me.

What edits are you having to make?

The settings.json file is getting overwritten after the first Module Browser usage. This is the line I rewrite and then I restart Rack again.


What change are you making to that line. If the plugin is unpublished, i don’t think that it should show up there at all, because the whitelist is downloaded from the library. If the plugin is unpublished the library shouldnt know about it.

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Oooh, I was changing it to

"Yolow": true;

But now following your comment I just deleted the line completely and… and it seems to work perfectly. :flushed: All the modules are in the Module Browser and not disappearing!

Thank you David! I think that was the trick.

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