Add a manufacturer official category/subforum

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just a thought: it would be nice if the forum had a section/category/subforum for official modules developers like muffwiggler does for some eurorack manufacturers. specific issues could be contained and easy to find, less clutter for both users and developers alike.

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+1 - I also have a feeling it would be neat(er) to have sub-forums/tags for each developer so one could easily trawl all questions/tips/suggestions/etc for VCV officials, Hora, Nsythi, and all other ‘groups’ of modules (IF the developers are active on here…[not sure if that should be a deciding factor if a sub forum should exist ?] )
My additional 2c

Disagree. that’s what the Plugins category is for, and also the search function.

As this forum is Discourse based - people usually struggle with the concept of this, especially if they’re used to a phpBB like forums where everything is grouped / hierarchical, and on Discourse imo it does help to give handles for some sort of taxonomy for the topics, which I feel does pay off later, when there is more content.
I am on a few discourse communities for beta software, and it does seem to get messy quick, and people regularly seem to struggle to find the content they are after, if all you have is text search - which assumes that the next person / you will be using the same words as the person who posted about it before…
Again, just my 2c.


I get the concept. issue being that most wont.

That’s an arguments for user-education though, not to scale back on structure, I would think.

Either way - there might be a reason why whoever was involved in setting this VCV forum up decided on this structure - but in just in case user education is wanted & helps people top feel at home here - the only really important thing to know & people seem to struggle with when new to Discourse is in here:
Step 2 here - when posting a new post = ‘Choose your category’ [i.e. the context, tags, taxonomy, et al - for this it does make sense for VCV forum to offer more than a ‘plugin’ category I would have thunk - just my opinion of course]

And in case someone wants to learn more about Discourse, this is a good overview / self PR:

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I disagree with this suggestion. This produces extra unnecessary work when posting, and when not 100% of people organize their posts in a particular way, that produces disorder, which makes finding posts confusing.

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That’s what we’re here for, to agree & disagree… :smiley:
But - I do not see “extra unnecessary work when posting” anywhere with this suggestion… as is - you start a new post, and you need to select a category ( or if you do not " your post will go to no man’s land" ).
The only true facet for ‘unnecessary work’ to occur, if there were more structure to this would be, if one would need to scroll the ‘list’ of categories and pick one by hand… which indeed gets more cumbersome the longer the list is.
But, fortunately the Discourse ‘Category’ does work via wildcard matching by default… so lets assume we had a hierarchical / more structured approach to ‘Plugins’ and there were a category/tag/taxonomic relationship for:
Plugins / VCV / Console
All I would need to do is type any part of the word ‘Console’ into the category box, and it would filter down the appropriate sub groups where your interest lies and where your post would go to. Much less ‘work’ than to scroll through a list and pick the right one, or to navigate through sub-forums to find the correct one to post to.
And all users can browse through all posts related to The Plugin VCV Console easily in the following years…

Just in case you’d want discourse on discourse, and why I’d disagree with your statement @Vortico
Happy discoursing :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not really—these posts are here to make me agree with things, so that I can change them.

I just don’t see any reason from the readers’, posters’, or my view that would make these subcategories make our lives easier.

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Fair enough - and as you mentioned elsewhere, the philosophy with the board setup is that things are ‘not created before they are needed’ - so time will tell I guess & I’m just happy to have a non facebook communication outlet, that hopefully becomes a valuable resource over time (and, just to reiterate - for that structure can help - as communities where finding what you are after is too much work later on, great content will drift off into obscurity…).
Enough about this boring topic though :wink:


I’m going to give it a try as it is and see how it goes. As a “manufacturer” is expected to have some sort of hierarchy as suggested, but I don’t strongly disagree that the forum should NOT impose a hierarchy. So I’ll wait and see.

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As someone who’s used to the “typical” forum layout, I like this suggestion. I don’t know if there will moderators, but if so, then they can move threads that are placed wrong.

Just having a Plugins category will, I think, end up being really messy and might not invite to idly look into threads that catches the eye if one is in a specific subforum.

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