Accepted Linux build environment for v1 modules

I’m not sure if it has been posted what the standard Linux build environment is. I tried Ubuntu 16 but cmake was too old for a dependency. I changed to Ubuntu 18. That works fine but I did receive notification from a tester that they had the “GLIBC_2.27 not found” error. Going extremely overboard on supporting old OSes seems unnecessary but it’s easy to download an OSBox image so whatever is fine.

You could either install a newer CMake binary on Ubuntu 16.04 or use glibc_version_header with a newer distro.

I’ll go with those options and see what works easiest.

The build environment is a docker image, isn’t it?

It can be if you want. I use Ubuntu 16.04 on Docker for all Plugin Manager automated builds.

The header worked well for me.

Nice. It’s experimental, so good to hear it works.