Ableton Live 11

Live 11 has been announced, there’s a short video here that shows some of the new features and instruments:

The addition of support for “comping” (keeping multiple takes separated in the same track) seems pretty nice. Any Ableton fans or critics around here?

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There seem to be a lot of new things in this update. People in other synth spaces i frequent seem really happy about it, and friends of mine love the Beta.

The new Convolution reverb seem to be really nice :smiley: I’m not even an Ableton user but i’m hyped for this upgrade hahaha

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it’s an ok update, MPE is welcome, but lack of ARA2 support means I will have to keep using multiple DAWs. Interested to see what the Spitfire collab instruments are like.

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I use both Ableton and Bitwig. Best of both worlds. 11 is a great update.