Ableton Link + VCV Rack

Greetings, beautiful people!

I am trying to have a setup that syncs Rekordbox and VCV Rack 2 in the same machine (Mac Air M1 16GB). From what I understood, it would be possible to sync them by using the Ableton Link feature from Rekordbox and the Stellare Link 2. However, when I try to do it, the BPM (and consequently the clock) coming from Ableton Link seem to fluctuate quite a lot (constantly changing ±1~2 BPM).

Has anyone tried something similar? Is it me doing something wrong/not configuring something?

I wouldn’t mind beatmatching the two by ear, but I don’t think VCV has a nudging module, right?

Many thanks!

Hello , I don’t know if my input helps, but: running Ableton 11 and standalone Rack2 on Win laptop using Stelare Link2 and on the network MPC One and Patterning on iPad and everything is rock solid… I don’t have Rekcordbox account to test , but did you try only with another app on your computer to sync , not with cloud app ( Rekordbox). Cheers!



Hey there!

It definitely helped, thanks a lot! I was connecting directly the clock output from Stellare to the clock input of CLOCKED with the external clock config. Just tested your way of connecting it and it works like a charm.

Once again, thanks a bunch!

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For a while I have felt like the setup above (current meta) is a bandaid solution.

I feel that a phase clock output on the stellare link module would highly improve the workflow with ableton link by providing transport data without having to reset every so often… often producing skips and jitter.