Ableton Link + VCV Rack

Greetings, beautiful people!

I am trying to have a setup that syncs Rekordbox and VCV Rack 2 in the same machine (Mac Air M1 16GB). From what I understood, it would be possible to sync them by using the Ableton Link feature from Rekordbox and the Stellare Link 2. However, when I try to do it, the BPM (and consequently the clock) coming from Ableton Link seem to fluctuate quite a lot (constantly changing ±1~2 BPM).

Has anyone tried something similar? Is it me doing something wrong/not configuring something?

I wouldn’t mind beatmatching the two by ear, but I don’t think VCV has a nudging module, right?

Many thanks!

Hello , I don’t know if my input helps, but: running Ableton 11 and standalone Rack2 on Win laptop using Stelare Link2 and on the network MPC One and Patterning on iPad and everything is rock solid… I don’t have Rekcordbox account to test , but did you try only with another app on your computer to sync , not with cloud app ( Rekordbox). Cheers!



Hey there!

It definitely helped, thanks a lot! I was connecting directly the clock output from Stellare to the clock input of CLOCKED with the external clock config. Just tested your way of connecting it and it works like a charm.

Once again, thanks a bunch!

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