A Machine Dream

Greetings ! I’ve been working a lot with various Squinky Labs modules, here’s a performance of an ambient music generator built around three EV3s (and one Woldemar from Patrick Lindenberg’s excellent modules). I hope you enjoy it.

Best regards,

Dave Phillips


That’s a lovely tune Dave!

Thank you, Lars. I’ve put the patch - with performance notes - on patchstorage if you’d like to play around with it.


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That’s really nice! Thanks for posting!

That’s a fantastic sounding patch Dave! Really glad I caught that!

@AdiQ and @veryfungi : Thank you for your time and comments, you are much appreciated. :slight_smile:

That was really lovely. I don’t always love all the generative music stuff, but this was a wonderful blend (for me) of melodic yet random…

@scodling Thank you, I’m pleased you enjoyed it. I am trying to bring more melodic elements into my ambient stuff. A texture, regardless how interesting in itself, sometimes just isn’t enough. Sometimes it’s gotta have a tune. :slight_smile: