A Little Help With A Patch

Hello rackheadz! I need a little help here, with an apparently supereasy patch that… It’s not working.

I made a brand new default patch so that I can use my Nektar, a new mixer and some effect in polyphony but, despite my efforts, the patch simply doesn’t want to work.

I am not understanding why, I’ve tried to change the polyphony mode but with no effect. Or at least with the effect that the sound is noisy and totally weird.

Can someone help me out to understand what am I doing wrong? :frowning:

Thank you so much!

template.vcv (38.9 KB)

Hi @SkwareUawe I think Mixmaster is not happy with a polyphonic env send to the volume cv.

How is this :

template2.vcv (40.6 KB)

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Indeed, Vol CV inputs are monophonic in MixMaster. Another solution is to just pass the ADSR’s output through the VCV SUM module before going to the MixMaster Vol CV input.


I got the point! Thanks to both of you! :smiley: