A bit of fun with the Updated Foundry - The Art Of Sound

This is just a bit of fun with the latest update to Impromptu’s excellent Foundry Sequencer… Nice work Marc!!! Some of you might recognize the tune I guess… :wink:


Thun…DER! :smile: That was fun.

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LOL. Uh huh! It was hard to imagine a year ago that I could create something like this in a couple of hours using just VCV Rack… How far everything has developed :slight_smile: Cheers Lars!

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Thanks Nigel! Nice touch with one channel driving the sequence input of another channel.

For anyone else wanting to try the new version of Foundry, whereby the main seq/song switch works like the Phrase sequencers, and 4 separate sequence cv inputs are in the exp panel, development builds are in my github releases section (0.6.16b).

I can definitely vouch for that being a fun patch, and I was smiling all along listening to it, not to mention that I now have that song in my head for the rest of the day! :slight_smile:

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Indeed… The new features in Foundry do lend for quite a few new means of utilizing it… and lead to some very creative routes to creating and sequencing, notes & gates in fact.

Thanks for all your hard work my friend… You… and your amazing modules are truly appreciated!


Cheers… Nigel

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