8FACE mk2 expander

Hey guys, I’m having some trouble using the 8FACE mk2 with the +8 expander in v1.1.6.

I can record stuff into the expander without a problem (at least, it looks like that from the UI):


However, once I move to READ mode, every single preset of the expander is greyed out.


The step in white was the one that was selected when I changed to READ, but the moment I trigger 8FACE it to go to the next step (through CV), it just returns to the main 8FACE and cycles for only those 8 steps, ignoring the expander completely.

Am I doing something wrong or is this an issue with the plugin version / VCV rack?

While in read mode, you need to have a long press on the last step you want. It gives you the option to choose how long or many steps you want to have active.

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I feel like such a dumbass lmao I didn’t find that anywhere in the manual!

Much appreciated, I’ll give it a try once I get home, cheers!

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I have been in the same place :slight_smile :slight_smile:

Thanks. I had the exact same issue. I never knew about that.