8Face: LIVE accurate switching between CM Gate Seq patterns

I’m hoping to use 8Face set-up various different drum patterns in a Count Modula Gate Sequencer and switch between them at a defined point, so that the next selected pattern is only triggered on, for example, the last beat of each pattern. Is it do-able, and if so how the heck do I do it?

EDIT: Forgot to mention the important bit … I’m trying to do this with a live rig, so am changing patterns on the fly rather than playing back a pre-structured arrangement.

like this ?

That won’t work you’ll miss a beat, do it like this :

These days I’ve been working on a similar setup, where Count Modula 8x16 Gate (clocked at /64) acts as main sequencer and handles 8 tracks over 16 patterns of 256 steps each for around 8 minutes.

I set up Clocked so that it does internal reset and sends a reset signal on both Start and Stop. Gate-Seq is wired via Run cable to Clocked, and needs to be off when Clocked is off. I’m using Grande Sample Delay for Transit, otherwise at the start Transit would get reset to step 1, and then would move to step 2 at the first clock pulse.

if you use stoermelder strip here’s the patch pictured above


Thanks @mixer and @Yeager for your replies. I’ve just updated my original post to point out that I’m I’m trying to do this live, so am changing patterns on the fly rather than playing back a pre-structured arrangement. Would trigger buffer provide a solution?

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You can use something like a trigger buffer or you can try „Arm“-mode for the SLOT-port: it works as a kind of build-in trigger buffer. If you select a preset it won’t change immediately, instead the change will applied when the next trigger arrives on SLOT.


Yes :

EDIT didn’t read your EDIT , but when your doing this live with a trigger the triggerbuffer will make it “on time” when used the right way :thinking: :smiley:

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