5 poly notes from a keyboard

Playing an external keyboard with MIDI-CV as the interface I can only get notes from 5 keys at a time, whatever settings I use for Polyphonic Channels or Polyphony Mode.

I’ve tried other MIDI interface modules (MTS-ESP from OddSound, MIDI Poly+MPE from moDllz) and get the same result. Is this a MIDI thing? It’s not a problem - if that’s the way it is then ok but would like to know. Forgive my ignorance.

I have no problems with (in this case) 8 notes I played all notes of the c major scale starting at c3-c4 and they all played as seen here :

Are you using your typing keyboard as a keyboard ?

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Yes - could that be the difference?

I think there is a limit to the number of keys you can press simultaneously on a typing keyboard.

Not what I was looking for, but maybe somebody else knows.

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A crappy 2 octave USB keyboard would be such an improvement, esp if it has a bunch of knobs on it. If you can find someone who is giving one away… or find one for sale super cheap…

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Totally correct. Most cheap and laptop computer keyboards have 2 KRO (key roll over), USB keyboards have a protocol limit of 6 KRO.

Logitech states that the G413 has a “26-key rollover” - that’s the keyboard i use.

Edit to add: " Myths about USB NKRO and how USB HID works" https://www.devever.net/~hl/usbnkro