3 pieces and they are very very grim and sad

Well… Let’s put it this way. The pieces I make with VCV are very dark, gloomy, sad and a friend of mine told me even unsettling (even if I can’t understand why and she doesn’t want to explain) so you have been warned.

I think they are… Just demo of a personal project I am working on. :grinning: And yeah, I totally love to twist, distort, bend and hammer voices! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Swimming In A Fish Bowl

Glitches But Still You Pretend

The Machine That Gave Me A Pierced Ribbon


As somebody who gets inspired by the cold grey Atlantic in the winter, I am quite partial to the morose and melancholic.

I enjoyed the third piece but I must confess I had to stop listening to the second one. I don’t like to hear people crying.

That could be the reason why that girl told me the piece was unsettling…

I’m working on it for a “less traumatic” version. It makes me unsettling too listening for too long…