3 Modules that can add Character to your Sound

In modular, like in modular, there are many faces and sides for each module. What looks like a “simple” function generator, can be also something that will crunch up your patch and add lots of character to your sound.

In this video, I use 3 modules that at first glance, are not designed for this kind of use, but oh boy, they are more than capable of adding grit and roughness to any patch.

Oh, yes, Omri! One of the best patches you made with not so much modules used in fact - excellent techniques explained + supercatchy groove (at least I couldn’t stop myself from happily moving knobs & reconnecting cables here and there for almost one hour :)) Just added Mk1 to block sounds of WCOs before running Clocked & almost nothing else (except various inner sound changes of course).
Thanks again a million times, you are mushroom magician :wink:

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Hey, that’s great! I’m really glad you enjoyed this one :slight_smile: These modules are some of my most favorites, capable of so many things…

That drum distortion trick is awesome Omri. Love your videos, I’ve learnt a lot as a complete beginner so thank you!

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Yeah, Rampage is awesome! I’m really glad you enjoyed it, thank you!