3 Hours of VCV Goodness

Hello all, Me again.

Some of you may know I release music of various styles and mediums on Bandcamp under the Pseudonym 3 Degrees of Freedom. I am very happy to tell you all that I have released another full length album and that this one is made almost entirely on VCV rack:

I’ve been working on and off on this - alongside other projects and work - for the best part of a year now, so I am very happy that it is finally done. There are 10 tracks (and 1 download only bonus one too) of varying moods, but all coming under the umbrella of what I like to call “Evolution Music” - semi generative music of a longform disposition that evolves and develops very slowly over its duration. In short, these tracks are quite long. The goal for the tracks on this album was not to create something that you could whistle, or even listen to, but to create a soundwash that will fill the listener’s mind and space. I find VCV rack the best program to achieve microcosms such as these due to the amount of sounds and techniques available to patch up, and I think that with these 10 tracks I have created the atmospheres I envisaged. With the exception of track 5 and 11, all tracks are created solely using VCV rack. The drone for track 5 comes from VCV rack, but is stitched in Audacity along with some sax that was run through another instance of Rack. Track 11 also has its base in VCV rack, but is played through some speakers and rerecorded along with ambient field sounds.

In the album’s description I chose a noun to best describe each track, as well as a short description about the track’s foundation so as to give an indication of the feeling of the track. These are listed below:

  • (stack) perfect fifths
  • (space) bells, echoes
  • (scape) drone, lead, quire
  • (twinkle) plateau feedback
  • (toneblock) feedback sax, drone
  • (gestures) thoughts, actions, activities
  • (poly) arp1, arp2
  • (shimmer) clouds delay
  • (wash) oscillator sound on sound
  • (myriad) FM sharp 15
  • (11) reamped field noise

All of the patches are available - as usual - over at Patchstorage, but if anyone wants more information about the patches, or indeed anything else, just ask.

Thanks for reading, Jim


Cool stuff ! will follow you on bandcamp and listen to this tomorrow while i revise at University :slight_smile:

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Congrats Jim!

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It’s great the way you populate you’re ‘microcosms’ with little treats of ear candy. Great album Jim!

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I just blew my entire Paypal balance on this: $1.12


You guys!!

Seriously though, it is lovely to hear other people’s feedback about my music, so thanks for taking to time to listen to it