2,500-module threshold officially crossed

I know it’s an arbitrary number, and I know that there are modules not reflected in the count, but in case anyone didn’t notice, the Library just crossed 2.5K!

Congratulations, everyone.

@matt was one too early and @rare.breeds was four too late; the quarter-10K trophy goes to… @computerscare, with Custom Blank Expander.

Here’s to the next 2.5K (and @stoermelder MB’s favorites feature :slight_smile: )


I have almost 30 out by now, so over one percent of those are mine!


It’s a terrific achievement and a testament to the strength of VCV and the low barriers to entry for developers.

At the same time, however, it does put some people off (which you can read on other forums/groups), hence our occasional discussions about smoothing the path of entry for new users.


Yeah, it’s quite amazing and dizzying to contemplate. We probably already have quite a bit of abandonware in Rack and the pressure for some kind of “curated module sets” will only continue to rise, I imagine.