14 bit midi in 1.0?

(MaZe6k) #22

And it shouldn’t prevent any CC’s from being used, it should just assign a second CC 32 numbers apart to the 14 bit control, so everything else can still be mapped as usual

(MaZe6k) #23

Regardless, there is always time between two MIDI messages.

You’re right, this might be a problem… I had an error in my logic - it would actually make sense to send the LSB first to keep the jitter to a minimum…

(Andrew Belt) #24

Same problem. LSB first would give approx the same amount of jitter.

(MaZe6k) #25

yes you’re right… stupid thought, sorry… damn…

(MaZe6k) #26

Would your regular MIDI solution involve smoothing? Maybe smoothing is the solution, MIDI is still pretty fast I think so a reasonable amount of smoothing might be enough?

ah… i guess it would still jitter but only smoother :slight_smile: hm…

I’m sorry, it’s late here…:slight_smile:

(Andrew Belt) #28

You can try it with Rack 0.6. Quickly moving CC controls is perfectly fine. It doesn’t sound quantized at all. It only does when you’re trying to fine-tune the CC control. 14-bit would solve this problem.

However, smoothing certainly would solve the jitter issue. But not in the “right” way. I’d rather wait on LSB.

(MaZe6k) #29

Waiting for it is probably the only good solution, this would prevent the “feature” of using two controls of a regular 7-bit controller and all controls would have to be 14 bit, since you probably don’t want to make it an option per control but just one checkbox for all controls… this would still be fine with me but to be able to use both would of course be better… I think this might only be possible by being able to enable it for each control individually.

(Andrew Belt) #30

Okay, if we can agree with that, that’s what I’ll do.

(MaZe6k) #31


That’s very cool! I hope some other people will be as happy about this as me!

So I get that this means I can start building my first module. Very very very cool! :partying_face: